Isshuukan Friends。

One Week Friends (一週間フレンズ。) is a manga series by Matcha Hazuki. It was serialized in Square Enix’s Gangan Joker magazine between January 21, 2012 and January 22, 2015. It was first published as a one-shot manga in the magazine’s September 2011 issue. The series has since been collected in six tankōbon volumes as of July 2014. An anime television series adaptation by Brain’s Base aired between April 6 and June 22, 2014. Kaori Fujimiya is always alone because all of her happy memories, including time spent with her friends, disappear every Monday. Deciding that he wants to be friends with her anyway, Yuuki Hase tries to get close to Kaori each week, wishing that she would one day call him “a friend.”

Theme Song / OST

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