JAM Project (92 CD)

JAM Project (Japan Animationsong Makers Project) is a Japanese music group that formed in 2000 and is well known for their music in anime series. The group first formed in 2000 with Kageyama, Endo, Matsumoto, and Sakamoto, performing regularly on the show Yoru Hippare. Their first single, Kaze ni Nare, came soon after of July of that year. Two years later, the group added Okui and Kitadani to their roaster before Sakamoto graduated from the group. To combat this lost, the group held auditions all over Japan for a new member, eventually picking Ricardo Cruz. In the year 2008, Matsumoto Rica would graduated as the group prepared for their first concert tour. A year later, the group held Hurricane Tour 2009 Gate of the Future live with 8,000 people attending.

Kageyama Hironobu (影山ヒロノブ)
Endoh Masaaki (遠藤正明)
Kitadani Hiroshi (きただにひろし)
Okui Masami (奥井雅美)
Fukuyama Yoshiki (福山芳樹)
Ricardo Cruz (ヒカルド・クルーズ)

Former Members
Sakamoto Eizo (坂本英三)
Matsumoto Rica (松本梨香)
Mizuki Ichiro (水木一郎)

Last Modified: Mar 26, 2016

[2002.03.21] JAM FIRST PROCESS
[2006.03.08] Emblem (エンブレム) [Mini Album]/
[2010.03.09] MAXIMIZER ~Decade of Evolution~
[2011.04.06] Victoria Cross
[2013.10.23] THUMB RISE AGAIN
[2016.06.26] —-

Best Albums:
[2002.03.06] BEST Project ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION~
[2004.09.23] JAM-ISM ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION III~
[2006.04.05] Olympia ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION IV~
[2007.07.04] Big Bang ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION V~
[2008.08.06] Get over the Border ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION VI~
[2008.10.02] JAM Project WORLD FLIGHT 2008 BEST SELECTION
[2008.12.25] Super Robot Taisen JAM Project Shudaika Shuu
[2012.11.14] The Monsters ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION IX~
[2012.12.26] “Super Robot Taisen” x JAM Project OPENING THEME COLLECTION ALBUM MAX THE POWER
[2014.07.02] X cures Earth ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION X~
[2015.06.17] X less force ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION XI~

[2010.12.22] JAM Project 10th Anniversary Complete Box
[2015.09.09] JAM Project 15th Anniversary Strong BOX Motto!! Motto!! -2015-

[2000.07.26] Kaze ni Nare (疾風になれ)
[2000.11.22] Danger Zone
[2000.12.21] STORM
[2001.04.21] SOULTAKER
[2001.04.25] Hagane no Messiah (鋼の救世主)
[2001.09.29] FIRE WARS / TORNADO
[2001.10.30] CRUSH GEAR FIGHT!!
[2001.10.30] Over the Top!
[2001.11.29] LADY FIGHTER!
[2002.04.03] Kaze no EAGLE (風のEAGLE)
[2002.04.24] GO! / Departure
[2002.07.24] GET UP CRUSH FIGHTER!
[2002.10.23] Nageki no Rosario (嘆きのロザリオ)
[2003.02.26] Go! Go! Rescue (Go!Go!レスキュー)
[2003.04.23] Little Wing
[2003.04.23] SKILL
[2003.08.06] The Gate of the Hell
[2003.09.26] Destination
[2004.01.21] Kurenai no Kiba (紅ノ牙)
[2004.04.21] VICTORY
[2004.04.21] DRAGON
[2004.05.26] VOYAGER
[2004.11.26] Genkai Battle (限界バトル)
[2005.05.25] Muv-Luv Alternative Insertion song Collection
[2005.06.22] Meikyuu no Prisoner (迷宮のプリズナー)
[2005.08.03] GONG
[2006.11.01] BREAK OUT
[2007.02.21] RISING FORCE
[2007.04.25] STORMBRINGER
[2007.04.25] Divine love
[2007.07.01] DRAGON STORM 2007
[2007.08.08] Rocks
[2008.01.23] No Border
[2008.09.26] Crest of “Z’s”
[2008.10.22] Hello Darwin! ~Koukishin on Demand~ (ハローダーウィン!~好奇心オンデマンド~)
[2009.03.04] Space Roller Coaster GO GO! (with NICE GIRL μ)
[2009.05.27] Rescue Fire (レスキューファイアー)
[2009.08.05] Shugoshin-The Guardian (守護神-The Guardian)
[2009.10.07] Battle No Limit!
[2009.10.28] Bouken-ou ~Across the Legendary kingdom~ (冒険王 ~Across the Legendary kingdom~)
[2009.11.11] Bakuchin Kanryou! Rescue Fire (爆鎮完了! レスキューファイヤー)
[2010.04.21] TRANSFORMERS EVO.
[2010.10.27] MAXON
[2011.02.23] Vanguard
[2011.04.27] NOAH
[2011.10.05] Believe in my existence
[2012.01.25] Waga Na wa Garo (我が名は牙狼)
[2012.04.25] LIMIT BREAK
[2012.05.23] Hagane no Resistance (鋼のレジスタンス)
[2012.12.05] Wings of the legend
[2013.01.30] Yume Sketch (夢スケッチ)
[2013.07.10] R.I.P. ~Tomo yo Shizukani Nemure~ (R.I.P~友よ静かに眠れ~)
[2013.07.24] Isshoku Sokuhatsu ~Trigger of Crisis~ (一触即発 ~Trigger of Crisis~)
[2014.04.30] Rebellion ~Hangyaku no Senshitachi~ (Rebellion~反逆の戦士達~)
[2014.04.30] Breakthrough
[2014.08.06] Raiba ~tusk of thunder~ (雷牙~Tusk of thunder~)
[2014.10.22] Honoo no Kokuin -DIVINE FLAME- (炎ノ刻印-DIVINE FLAME-)
[2015.02.11] B.B.
[2015.04.22] Kessen the Final Round (決戦 the Final Round)
[2015.07.22] EMERGE ~Shikkoku no Tsubasa~ (EMERGE~漆黒の翼~)
[2015.10.21] THE HERO!! ~Ikareru Kobushi ni Hi wo Tsukero~ (THE HERO!! ~怒れる拳に火をつけろ~)
[2015.12.23] Guren no Tsuki ~Kakusareshi Yami Monogatari~ (紅蓮ノ月~隠されし闇物語~)
[2016.02.10] Gekka[/sociallocker]

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