Janne Da Arc – Kasumi yuku Sora Se ni shite

Kasumi yuku sora se ni shite (霞ゆく空背にして) was released on January 16th, 2003, used as an ending theme for the anime “Asobotto Senki Goku.” The single kicks off with the catchy song Kasumi yuku sora se ni shite. It’s very cheery and lively from the start. Listeners should pay special attention to yasu’s excellent vocals, which fit the melody perfectly, especially during the calmer chorus. Part of the chorus is also sung in English. Obviously, any Janne Da Arc song can’t be without you’s solo in the middle. It is a jazz influenced part, and the slower pace contrasts with the rest of the track, making it even more interesting. The single Kasumi yuku sora se ni shite should satisfy every Janne Da Arc fan. It contains everything the band is loved for: splendid music, wonderful guitar solos, an interesting keyboard line and, of course, yasu’s amazing voice. It also won’t bore those who don’t know the band because it contains varied tracks: its atmosphere changes from joyful and energetic to a bit eerie and unsettling. It’s a CD recommended to everyone who like a good rock music.

01 Kasumi yuku sora se ni shite
02 answer
File Size: 20 MB (320kbps)
Release Date January 16, 2003
Catalog No. AVCD-32005

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