Jigoku Shoujo


Hell Girl (Japanese: 地獄少女), also known as Jigoku Shōjo: Girl from Hell, is an anime series produced by Aniplex and Studio Deen. It focuses on the existence of a supernatural system that allows people to take revenge by having other people sent to Hell via the services of the mysterious title character and her assistants who implement this system. Revenge, injustice, hatred, and the nature of human emotions are common themes throughout the series.
It premiered across Japan on numerous television stations, including Animax, Tokyo MX, MBS and others, between October 4, 2005 and April 4, 2006. Following the success of the first season, the series was followed soon after into a second, “Jigoku Shōjo Futakomori” (地獄少女 二籠), which premiered October 7, 2006 across Japan on Animax. The official title of the third season is “Jigoku Shōjo Mitsuganae” (地獄少女 三鼎) and began airing on Japanese TV October 4, 2008.

[Jan 25, 2006] SNoW – Sakasama no Chou
[Jan 25, 2006] Jigoku Shoujo OST 1
[Apr 19, 2006] Jigoku Shoujo OST 2
[Dec 06, 2006] SNoW – NightmaRe
[Dec 20, 2006] savage genius – Aizome ~Futakomori
[Jan 24, 2007] Hell Girl: Two Mirrors OST
[Mar 21, 2007] Hell Girl: Two Mirrors OST 2
[Dec 17, 2008] Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae OST Nikushoku
[Feb 04, 2009] Nana Kitade – Tsukihana
[Mar 04, 2009] Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae OST Soushoku
[July 12, 2017] Mio Yamazaki – Noise

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