Joker Game

Joker Game (ジョーカー・ゲーム) is a Japanese novel series written by Kōji Yanagi. It has inspired a live-action film and an anime television series. The tv anime adaptation is due to premiere in April 2016.
Taking place in the year 1937 on the eve of World War II, the story involves a mysterious spy training organization known as the “D Agency.” The organization is established by Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki from the Imperial Japanese Army. His ideals lead him to recruit people beyond military academy graduates and personnel, while training them to become skilled agents in arts of manipulation. These agents would become a specialized team to conduct operations. One such antihero agent, under the name Jirou Gamou, goes on a harrowing mission to uncover secret documents titled “Black Notes,” while battling forces from within and without his own ranks.

[Apr 27, 2016] OP: “Reason Triangle” by QUADRANGLE
[May 25, 2016] ED: “Double” by MAGIC OF LiFE
[Jul 27, 2016] Joker Game Soundtrack (320kbs w/ BK)
[Jul 27, 2016] Joker Game OST CD “Out of TRACK” vol.1
[Sep 28, 2016] Joker Game OST CD “Out of TRACK” vol.2

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