Elf-ban Kakyuusei (エルフ版 下級生, lit. “Elf Version Underclassmates”) is an anime. It is unrelated to a different series of the same title, Kakyūsei, also produced by Pink Pineapple in 1995. It was based on a game originally created by Masato Hiruta more popularly known as Elf, and had a TV series produced after success of the OVA. The 14th episode of the TV series was never aired on television. The TV series produced further sequels and spin offs that were considerably more explicit than their earlier versions.

The story revolves around Mizuho Yuuki, whose best friend Miko has fallen in love with Tohru. Miko is fairly innocent and comes from a strict background so Mizuho tries not to get in the way of their relationship despite her growing awareness of Tohru who is currently boarding with her family, and accepts going on a date with the wealthy Haruhiko. There is also outside interference from Ai, a younger student in their school, who also likes Tohru.

[Sep 26, 1997] élf-ban Kakyuusei Mini Album “Suki to Ietara…”
[Jan 23, 1998] élf-ban Kakyuusei -Melody-
[July 22, 1999] Every Brand New Day / Girls Be Up!
[Sep 22, 1999] Kakyuusei Animation Soundtrack
[Feb 24, 2006] Kakyuusei 2 Anthology theme song & Drama CD

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