Kamisama Dolls

Kamisama Dolls (神様ドォルズ) is a manga by Hajime Yamamura. An anime adaptation started airing on July 6, 2011. Kyouhei, after moving away to Tokyo from his old town to get away from the events that happened, is on a goukon with his friends, including his old neighbor, Shiba. After drinking for a whole night, he and Shiba discover a dead, bloody body in the elevator. He is told by his younger sister, Utao with her Kamisama Doll, that Aki, an old friend, and his Doll are the culprits responsible.

[July 27, 2011] Fukanzen Nenshou / Switch ga Haittara
[Aug 24, 2011] Character Song Vol. 1 – Utao Kuga
[Sep 21, 2011] Kamisama Dolls Original Soundtrack
[Sep 28, 2011] Character Song Vol. 2 – Hibino Shiba

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