Kara no Kyoukai


The Garden of Sinners, known in Japan as Boundary of Emptiness (空の境界) and sometimes referred as Rakkyo (らっきょ), is a Japanese light novel series, authored by Kinoko Nasu and illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi. Ufotable produced a series of seven anime films based on the series between 2007 and 2009, and also produced an original video animation episode in 2011. A final anime film was produced and released in 2013.

Kara no Kyōkai is set in an alternate universe to Tsukihime and Fate/stay night; in which it serves as the prototype for both series as well as introducing many of the concepts prevalent within the latter two. In particular the main protagonist, Shiki Ryōgi, possesses similar abilities as Tsukihime’s protagonist, Shiki Tohno, and another character, Aoko Aozaki’s sister, Tōko Aozaki (who was briefly mentioned in Tsukihime), also being featured. As one of Kinoko Nasu’s earliest works, it introduces some of the most fundamental concepts in the universe of Type-Moon’s works, including souls, the Akashic Record/Origin, Counter Force, Magic, Magecraft, and Mystic Eyes.

[Jan 23, 2008] oblivious / Kalafina
[Apr 23, 2008] Re/oblivious / Kalafina
[May 21, 2008] the Garden of sinners: Thanatos. Original Soundtrack
[June 25, 2008] the Garden of sinners: …and nothing heart. Original Soundtrack
[July 23, 2008] the Garden of sinners: ever cry, never life. Original Soundtrack
[July 30, 2008] Kalafina – sprinter/ARIA
[Dec 17, 2008] the Garden of sinners: garan-no-dou. Original Soundtrack
[Dec 24, 2008] fairytale / Kalafina
[Jan 28, 2009] the Garden of sinners: Paradox Paradigm. Original Soundtrack
[July 29, 2009] the Garden of sinners: Fairy Tale. Original Soundtrack
[Dec 09, 2009] the Garden of sinners: ……not nothing heart. Original Soundtrack
[Feb 16, 2011] Kalafina – snow falling
[Mar 02. 2011] the Garden of sinners -Gekijouban “Kara no Kyoukai” Ongaku Shu-
[Oct 02, 2013] Alleluia / Kalafina
[Feb 19, 2014] Kara no Kyoukai Mirai Fukuin OST & Drama CD

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