Karneval (カーニヴァル) is a Japanese manga series by Tōya Mikanagi which originally started serialization in the monthly Josei Manga magazine Monthly Comic Zero Sum published by Ichijinsha on August 28, 2007. A 13-episode anime adaptation by Manglobe aired between April and June 2013. While in search of his precious friend, a young boy named Nai falls captive to a beautiful woman, whose looks are matched only by her taste for human flesh. Meanwhile Gareki, a clever thief, is in the midst of robbing her luxurious home. After causing a distraction, Gareki agrees to help Nai escape, but they are discovered upon the woman’s return. As she transforms into a ghoulish monster, the boys flee.

On the run, Nai and Gareki are found by “Circus,” a government defense agency that deals with criminal activity too difficult for the police to handle and protects civilians from “varuga”—terrible monsters that devour humans for sustenance. In the hope that it will lead Nai to his missing friend, he and Gareki decide to join Circus. On their perilous journey, they face dangerous varuga and begin to uncover the secrets behind a shadowy organization known as Kafka.

[April 17, 2013] OP: GRANRODEO – Henai no Rondo
[May 15, 2013] ED: KAmiYU – REASON
[May 28, 2013] ドラマCD「雨音の街」
[May 29, 2013] Karneval Character Song Vol. 1: Nai
[June 19, 2013] Karneval Character Song Vol.2 Yogi & Tsukumo
[June 21, 2013] ドラマCD「ニャンペローナ☆キラメキ計画」
[July 10, 2013] Karneval Character Song Vol. 3 Hirato & Akari
[July 26, 2013] ドラマCD「発熱プリンセスの咳払い☆」
[Aug 07, 2013] Karneval Original Soundtrack
[Aug 14, 2013] Karneval Character Song Vol. 4 Karoku & Uro
[Aug 21, 2013] Karneval Character Song Vol. 5 Gareki
[Aug 28, 2013] ドラマCD「クッキング☆ガールズショー」
[Sept 25, 2013] ドラマCD「與儀の貳號艇最後の日」
[Oct 25, 2013] ドラマCD「完璧な休日の条件。」
[Nov 22, 2013] ドラマCD「幸せなバースデイスカイを君に。」

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