Kenka Bancho Otome: Girl Beats Boys

Kenka Bancho Otome: Girl Beats Boys (喧嘩番長 乙女 -GIRL BEATS BOYS-) is a 12 episode anime series produced by Project No. 9. It premiered in April 2017. Growing up as an orphan, Hinako is shocked to learn that she has an older twin brother called Hikaru. Born as a yakuza, Hikaru requests Hinako to switch places with him at Shishiku Academy, an all-boys school overrun with Japan’s toughest delinquents, and become the new yazuka boss.

Kenka Banchou Otome – Girl Beats Boys, Hinako Nakayama has spent all of her life being raised in state-run orphanages, without ever knowing her family. As she’s about to enter high school, Hinako is approached by Hikaru, a boy who claims to be her twin brother. According to Hikaru, Hikaru and Hinako are the children of the head of the powerful Onigashima yakuza family, and Hikaru wants Hinako to switches places with him at Shishiku Academy, an all-boys school overrun with the nation’s toughest delinquents. Can Hinako save her brother, find romance, and become the new boss of the school?

[May 31, 2017] OP: Love Snipper
[Jun 21, 2017] ED: Ganko Signal


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