Kill me Baby

Kill Me Baby (キルミーベイベー , Baby, Please Kill Me!) is a Japanese four-panel manga series written and illustrated by Kaduho which began serialization in Houbunsha’s Manga Time Kirara Carat from July 2008. It follows the school lives of a high school girl Yasuna Oribe, along with her friends Sonya, a female assassin, and Agiri Goshiki, a female ninja. An anime adaptation by J.C.Staff aired in Japan between January 5, 2012 and March 29, 2012, with an original video animation episode released on October 16, 2013.

We have 2 main characters: blonde assassin/student from Russia, Sonya, and short/brown haired airhead Yasuna. Sonya keeps feeling bothered about Yasuna’s uncanny will to be friends, and have fun together, and she often comes out as being an impossible to like character due to her cruelty, but which is an interesting approach on a girl which is supposed to be a cold blooded assassin. Yasuna starts the show as the merely annoying dumb girl who always ends up being a victim despite wanting to be friends so badly, however the same insistence of her that feels a bit annoying for how dumb and masochistic it seems early in the show, ends up making Yasuna an endearing character with a simple mind but a huge heart, as she always worried about Sonya and tries to straighten her way out of murderous jobs. These characters are enveloped in an actually touching undertone which never falls off from the humour priority of KMB, but is felt through each time we see Yasuna fall innocently, climaxing in the last episode which, without spoiling, actually made me cry. As the series approach an ending, i couldn’t get enough of Yasuna’s voice acting and preciousness and even Sonya managed to become somewhat likeable as she’s slowly softened up (but not much) by her loyal classmate.

This was a show that needed your patience to win your heart because, i understand that, other than Agiri-san, it’s not very compelling from the start, until Yasuna’s voice and attitude get deep into your head and you get to hope Sonya’s ice might be eventually melted somehow. Some early episodes had plenty of dry and dull jokes as well as some drink spilling hilarious ones, whoever with a not very favourable ratio between the two. Overall it does get much better with time because you get to know and antecipate the characters and the type of puns more and more.

[Jan 18, 2012] Kill Me Baby! / Futari no Kimochi no Honto no Himitsu
[Feb 15, 2012] Kill Me Baby Character Song CD Yasuna
[Feb 15, 2012] Kill Me Baby Character Song CD Sonya
[Feb 15, 2012] Kill Me Baby Character Song CD Agiri
[Apr 27, 2012] Kill Me Baby! Original Soundtrack
[Oct 16, 2013] Kill Me Baby SUPER

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