Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula


Mechanical Gods’ War Gigantic Formula (機神大戦 ギガンティック・フォーミュラ), also known as Apo Mekhanes Theos Gigantic Formula, is a Japanese anime series that aired in Japan. The show was first aired April 4, 2007 by TV Tokyo, and ended its run on September 26, 2007.

The series is set in the year 2035 A.D. After the excavation of Regions around the World 12 gigantic heads resembling the Greek Gods were uncovered. So far in the series the following countries/regions have been confirmed as having obtained one of the heads, Italy Roma Republic, Empire of North America, Central China, Caribbean, Venezuela Republic, Original Greece, Great British Kingdom, France Union, East European Russia, Federated Egypt, Africa Arabia, Japan Republic, Unified German Deutsch, and Hindustania. Each of the heads give out powerful energy capable of destroying large areas. Shortly after the 12 heads excavation a large portion of Earth was engulfed in flames. The areas include most of [North] Africa, South America, and the entire Middle East, this phenomenon was called the “Equatorial Winter”. For a time after the disaster the Nations of the world were unable to contact or get Satellite feed of each other due to a large wall of energy separating them.

[May 16, 2007] United Force / Minami Kuribayashi
[May 23, 2007] TSUBASA / Sena
[Oct 03, 2007] TV animation Gigantic Formula OST Vol.1
[Nov 21, 2007] TV animation Gigantic Formula OST Vol.2

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