Kiss x Sis


Kiss×sis (キス×シス) is a Japanese seinen manga written and illustrated by Bow Ditama. A twelve-episode television show aired from April 5 to June 21, 2010 by AT-X, and an original video animation series from December 22, 2008 to April 6, 2015. After his single father gets remarried, Keita Suminoe not only finds himself with a new mother, but also two beautiful twin step-sisters, Ako and Riko. Their close bond as children soon grows into something more personal, and Keita finds himself in a real bind that he vigorously struggles to escape from.

For the twins, the transition from little girls to teenagers brought about changes in appearance as well as emotional growth. Their love for Keita became something more than brotherly love, as they were both overcome with romantic feelings and pure lust. These innocent girls, being a couple of honest young ladies, could not help but confess their newborn love to their poor little brother. Hilarity ensues as Keita, who refuses to see the two as anything other than his sisters, then starts getting into embarrassing, sensual and lustful situations with them. Will Keita cross the line of incest or will he be able to protect his family jewels?
Kiss x Sis is an ecchi-filled harem anime that may make you blush a bit, but it will also surely make you laugh.

[Apr 21, 2010] OP: Ayana Taketatsu, Yuiko Tatsumi – Balance KISS
[Apr 21, 2010] OVA OP&ED: Ayana Taketatsu, Yuiko Tatsumi – Futari no Honey Boy
[Apr 21, 2010] Kiss x Sis Drama CD Vol.1
[May 12, 2010] YuiKaori – Our Steady Boy
[May 26, 2010] Character Song Mini Album ~Anata ni kiss~
[Jun 23, 2010] Kiss x Sis Drama CD Vol.2
[Jun 23, 2010] Character Song & Original Soundtrack
[July 21, 2010] YuiKaori – Futari

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