Kita Shuhei

Kita Shuhei (喜多修平) is a Japanese pop-rock singer, he was the winner of the first Animax Anison Grand Prix help by Animax. He got a chance to work with ex-JUDY AND MARY guitarist, TAKUYA for his debut. Kita made his major debut with the single “Breakin’ through”, PERSONA -trinity soul-‘s opening theme in February 2008 under Sony Music Entertainment label. In the year 2009, he transfered to SOLID VOX agency, Kita also left Sony Music Entertainment and signed with Lantis.[sociallocker]

[2008.02.27] Breakin’ through
[2008.07.16] Kitaponics (キタポニクス)
[2008.08.27] Issei no Sei (一斉の声)
[2009.11.11] STORIES
[2010.05.07] Secret Garden
[2011.05.11] Sekai de Ichiban Koishiteru (世界で一番恋してる)
[2011.10.26] Sekai no Hate ni Kimi ga Ite mo (世界の果てに君がいても)
[2012.02.29] Yume no Kiseki (ユメノキセキ; Miracle of Dreams)
[2012.05.16] Kono Te de Dakitomeru Kara (この手で抱きとめるから)
[2012.11.21] Kimi Dake wo (君だけを)
[2013.07.24] Yumemiru Sekai (ユメミルセカイ)
[2014.03.26] Yasashii Kiseki / Sekai ga Kimi ni Deau Made
[2015.05.27] RISE OF SOULS[/sociallocker]

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