Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku

Chronicles of the Going Home Club // 帰宅部活動記録
When a friend asks Natsuki what high school club she’s going to join, she cheerfully responds “the go-home club” (meaning, she’s not going to join any of them). However, she soon realizes that this club actually exists at her high school, and she’s just expressed interest in joining it! Before she knows it, she ends up as one of the two new members of “the go-home club,” which is a small group of eccentric school girls. One of the girls likes fighting bears, while another is ridiculously rich. But what exactly constitutes the activities of “the go-home club”? Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku is an anime that focuses on girls doing random things. I can see how some people wouldn’t like it, but I would still recommend it.

Opening Theme
“2 Gakki Debut Daisakusen!!” by Otome Shinto
Ending Theme
#1: “Wakuwaku DAYS☆” by Natsuki Andou (CV: Ibuki Kido) & Sakura Doumyouji (CV: Miharu Kobayashi)
#2: “Hanabi” by Botan Oohagi (CV: Sae Aiuchi) & Azarashi (CV: M·A·O)
#3: “Kimi ni Tsuite Ieru Koto” by Karin Touno (CV: Yuna Mitsuki) & Claire Kokonoe (CV: Ayaka Senhongi)
#4: “Best Friend ” by Sakura Doumyouji (CV: Miharu Kobayashi) & Botan Oohagi (CV: Sae Aiuchi) & Claire Kokonoe (CV: Ayaka Senhongi)

Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku Character Song & Soundtrack Collection
Bonus CD (Mini Drama): 01 || 02 || 03 || 04

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