Kobato. (こばと。) is a manga series by Clamp which premiered in Monthly Sunday Gene-X in January 2005. Kobato is a sweet, perky, cute yet naïve girl who has a contract: to go to a certain place, she must fill a mysterious bottle with people’s “healed hearts” to do so. However, the restriction is that she must finish before the four seasons end. As Kobato attempts to fulfill her mission, she is accompanied by Ioryogi, a spirit in the form of a dog plushie. Because Ioryogi is responsible for a punishment that has been applied to him and his friends from the spiritual world, he must guide Kobato and ensure that she succeeds her mission, so that he and his friends might return to their true forms.

[Nov 11, 2009] OP: Maaya Sakamoto – Magic Number
[Dec 09, 2009] ED1: Megumi Nakajima – Jellyfish no Kokuhaku
[Feb 03, 2010] OST 1: Haru no Utakata
[Mar 24, 2010] OST 2: Sakura Saku Koro
[Jun 09, 2010] ED2: Watashi no Dekiru koto

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