Kokia – Harmonie

Anime Film “Harmonie”ED theme song
Catalog Number: (unknown)
Release Date: 2014

1. Harmonie (アルモニ) Anime Ver.
2. Harmonie -Instrumental Version-

Harmonie is an anime made ​​by the “mirai project” animated by Studio Rikka is a 25-minute short film which show that each head is a world and among the 34 students in a class there are all kinds. The anime is a metaphor, Makina Juri the female lead shows that being different can make misunderstood by friends , parents, people in general, its called “dream” is something that torments him so decides to change and leave everything behind , and also in part the dream shows what will become , something like a robot waiting for someone finds it, while the male lead Honjou Akio always live in your comfort zone , talking about anime with friends, making music , while hiding his desire talking with Makina , while that which stands out from the rest (a good musical ear) is what makes the 2 characters are connected.

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