Kota Shinzato – Hands up!

Description: Debut single from Shinzato Kota // 新里宏太, who was one of the finalists for “The 24th JUNON Superboy Contest” in 2011 used as theme song for popular TV anime “ONE PIECE” (OP #16), released in three different versions: “CD+DVD Edition,” “CD-only Edition,” and “Picture label Edition (For the “Picture label Edition” (limited edition), there will be 9 different versions, and each version will feature a character of “ONE PIECE” (Luffy ver., Zoro ver., Nami ver., Usopp ver., Sanji ver., Chopper&Law ver., Robin ver., Franky ver., and Brook ver.). Each character version will come with an entry ticket, and people who collect all 9 tickets and send them in will receive an original special board, which you can display all 9 picture label CDs). “We Are!” used as ending theme for anime One Piece: Episode of Luffy – Hand Island no Bouken,
Released: 31 July 2013
Catalog No. AVCD-16373

Track List:
2. Hold on
3. We are!
4. HANDS UP! (Instrumental)
5. Hold on (Instrumental)
6. We are! (Instrumental)
File Size: 53 MB (320kbps)

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