Kotoura-san (琴浦さん) is a Japanese romantic comedy yonkoma manga series written by Enokizu. A television anime adaptation by AIC Classic aired from January 11 to March 29, 2013. Haruka Kotoura is a girl who was born with the ability to read minds. Due to being unable to tell the difference between people’s words and thoughts at a young age, she would inadvertently expose people’s secrets, leading her to be ridiculed by her classmates and even abandoned by her parents. This had led her to become closed off from others in fear of hurting herself and others. This all changes, however, when she transfers into a new high school and meets Yoshihisa Manabe, a dim-witted boy with a perverted imagination. Unfazed by Haruka’s ability to read minds, Yoshihisa offers her his friendship and vows to stand by her no matter what. Together, they join their school’s ESP Research Society.

Kotoura-san starts off as a seemingly sad and powerful drama. Maybe a bit generic. What throws people off is that after the first half of the show, it just hits you with all this comedy that you weren’t expecting. This is probably what caused the downfall of the show. I can’t say I exactly disliked the comedy, but it would’ve been better if the producer had focused a bit more on the drama. Still, there were some good comedy moments, and the drama was well played. The drama mixed with comedy makes this show pretty enjoyable. (Manabe having pervy dreams of Kotoura really makes this worth watching lol) Of course, I’d love to see Kotoura overcome more challenges as well. This show left me with mixed feelings. There were some moments I really enjoyed, yet some I felt kinda bored with. Nonetheless, I still think the drama part of the show displayed some pretty valuable lessons.

[Jan 23, 2013] OP: “Sonna Koto Ura no Mata Urabanashi Desho?”
[Mar 20, 2013] ED: Kibou no Hana & Tsurubeta & ESP Gen no Theme
[Apr 03, 2013] Kotoura-san Original Soundtrack 1
[May 01, 2013] Kotoura-san Original Soundtrack 2
[June 05, 2013] Kotoura-san Radio CD
[July 03, 2013] Kotoura-san Drama CD: Present For You
[Aug 07, 2013] Kotoura-san Drama CD 2: Hashire Hiyori
[Sept 04, 2013] Kotoura-san Drama CD 3: Kanojo ga Kami o Nobashitara

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