Koukaku no Regios

Chrome Shelled Regios (鋼殻のレギオス) began life as a series of light novels by Amagi Shusuke, with a manga adaptation by Miyu available around the same time. A second manga adaptation followed, this time by Kiyose Nodoka, then a third (by Watari), and finally a fourth, which is, unusually, a 4-koma version by Futaba Masumi. Oh, and there’s a prequel light novel series called Legend of Regios as well. The story begins in the academy city of Zuellni, a domed mobile “fortress” that roams the post apocalyptic world, where Layfon Wolfstein Alsief is hoping to forget his turbulent past and begin a new life.

Unfortunately, he quickly catches the attention of Karian Loss, the student council president, and Nina Antalk, the leader of the 17th Military Arts Platoon. At first glance Chrome Shelled Regios seems like a pretty standard fantasy styled anime, and truth be told, this is a pretty accurate impression. The plot is fairly straight forward, with little in the way of true complexity. Unfortunately, the manner in which the story is delivered has all the hallmarks of an action melodrama, and while there are some comedic elements thrown into the mix in an effort to balance things out, the overall effect is rather lopsided.

[Feb 04, 2009] OP: Daisy×Daisy – Brave your truth
[Feb 04, 2009] ED1: Chrome Shelled – Yasashii Uso
[Apr 01, 2009] ED2: Chrome Shelled – Ai no Zuellni
[Aug 07, 2009] Character Songs -The First Season-
[Aug 28, 2009] Character Songs -The Second Season-

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