Kure-nai (紅, “Crimson”) is a Japanese light novel series by Kentarō Katayama, with illustrations by Yamato Yamamoto. An anime adaptation by Brain’s Base aired in Japan from April 3, 2008 to June 19, 2008. Sixteen-year-old Shinkurō Kurenai, a specialist in settling squabbles between people, is one day approached by his employer with the daughter of a powerful plutocratic family asking him to be her bodyguard.

The story in itself is very good, it starts out very slice of life-ish, going with an episode-by-episode format, where Murasaki learns how the real world looks – after all, she’s just escaped from being locked into a house with the most woman-discriminating family I’ve ever heard about, both in fiction and real life. But that being said, the episodes were great, because so much seemed to happen – often they featured parallel stories with Murasaki and someone else (often Shinkurou’s two female neighbors) in one, and Shinkurou in another one. Halfway into the series, and a few episodes more, the series takes a drastic turn, and the more dramatic sides of the show starts to unfold, in contrast to the often light and comedic moments of the earlier episodes. It all culminates into two-three episodes with much action and drama, and an end which you’re either gonna love or hate – I can’t say more without spoiling anything.

Opening Theme:
“Love Jump” by Minami Kuribayashi
Ending Theme:
1.”Crossing Days” by Shintani Ryoko
2.”Tenohira no Taiyou” by Shintani Ryoko
Kurenai Original Soundtrack

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