Kurokami The Animation

Black God (黒神) is a Japanese-Korean manga series written by Dall-Young Lim and illustrated by Sung-Woo Park. The story is initially set in modern-day Tokyo, then changes to the island of Okinawa in the middle of the story. The word “Black” in the title refers to the character Kuro (黒), as it means black in Japanese. “God” in the title refers to the fact that Kuro is a superhuman, or “Tera Guardian”. It has been adapted into an anime animated by Sunrise, and first aired in Japan and in the United States on January 8, 2009, while South Korea aired it on January 9, 2009.[4]

Opening Theme:
#1: “Sympathizer” by Minami Kuribayashi
Ending Theme:
#1: “Irodori no Nai Sekai” by Yousei Teikoku
#2: “Gekkou no Chigiri” by Yousei Teikoku
Original Soundtrack: Vol. 1 / Vol. 2

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