Kuroko No Basuke Character Song SOLO SERIES 3

Description: Character Song 3 Kuroko no Basuke // KISE RYOTA (CV: KIMURA RYOHEI)
TVアニメ『黒子のバスケ』キャラクターソング SOLO SERIES Vol.3 by 黄瀬涼太(CV: 木村良平)
Released: May 23, 2012
Catalogue No.LACM-4940

Track List:
1 Monologue~Anogoro kara ore wa~
2 Perfect Copy?
3 Monologue~Ore mo taoshite Mitaku Nattsuu~
4 Shalala☆Goes On
5 Perfect Copy? (Off Vocal)
6 Shalala☆Goes On (Off Vocal)

Format/QualityScan BKFile SizeLast ModifiedFile Hosting
MP3/320kbpsNo41 MB14 Sept 20174shared

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