Kyousougiga, Kyousogiga, 京騒戯画
It’s Kyoto, and yet it is not. A microcosm of peculiar origins, “Mirror Kyoto.” A small incident causes a young girl, Koto, to wander into this world. She runs into a mysterious monk, gets chased around by a tech-obsessed girl, and heartily enjoys her chaotic and colorful new life, but meanwhile, out of sight, a certain plan is being set into motion… In this mysterious city where spirits and humans have been thrown together, the festivities are about to begin!

Kyousogiga follows the main protagonist, Koto, as she chases after a rabbit that she thinks will get her out of this fantasy-like word and back to the real world where she can reunite with her parents. Koto, the main character, is a girl who somehow wanders into another world where she seems to be just as happy as can be. This world resembles a city that’s full of glamor and can be classified as a mixed bag of everything that can be perceived within your imagination. It mostly consist of humans and spirits of all kinds (the Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass aspect) *Noted that the world itself is inside of a painting.* She along with her two little brothers, A and Un, begin to get into a fight with some unknown opposition. They are apparently looking for the so called “rabbit”, whose name just happens to be Lady Koto so that Koto and her brothers can accomplish what they are seeking (telling you is a major spoiler so i’ll leave that out).

However Lady Koto has been gone for a while. Her brothers begin to lose faith that they will ever find her, and Koto gets depressed. Koto is mistakenly identified as Lady Koto because of the wish she has. So while this is happening the Assembly of the Three (Chief Priest, Yase, and Myoue) are planning something for Koto and are waiting for another character to arrive, but first Koto must prove that she really wants it by doing some kind of an exam. However the Assembly of the Three has it’s own goal in mind.

[Oct 23, 2013] Opening Theme: “Koko” by Tamurapan
[Nov 20, 2013] Kyousou Giga Original Soundtrack
[Dec 06, 2013] Drama CD “Nikukyuu to Mofumofu to Mayoueru Futago”
[Jan 10, 2014] Drama CD “Chounan no Chashitsu to Nigiyaka na Suekko”
[Jan 29, 2014] Kyousougiga Utagoyomi
[Feb 07, 2014] Drama CD “Haha to Musuko no Date”
[Mar 14, 2014] Drama CD “Futari ga Derarenai Hanashi”
[Apr 11, 2014] Drama CD “Jinja Zaijuu-ki, Ikuji-roku”
[May 09, 2014] Drama CD “Aruhi no Kyoudai, Kiro nite”

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