Lamune (ラムネ) is a Japanese adult visual novel developed by Neko Neko Soft. A twelve-episode anime series based on the visual novel, entitled Lamune: Garasu Bin ni Utsuru Umi (ラムネ 〜ガラスびんに映る海〜, lit. Lamune: Sea Reflected in the Glass Bottle), was produced by Trinet Entertainment and Picture Magic and aired between October 11, 2005 and December 27, 2005.

Kenji Tomosaka moves to a coastal town as a child. The sea spread in front of him shines like ramune, reflecting the sunlight of the summer. He meets Nanami Konoe, who lives next door. As time passes, their shared memories have accumulated. They think of their normal lives and relationship as precious things. The sun begins to shine strongly, cicadas begin to buzz, and the sky clears up. For Kenji and Nanami, it is not just another ordinary summer.

Opening Theme: “Lamune-iro no Melody” by Mayu
Ending Theme: Summer Vacation” by Ayumi Murata
Characters Song:
1.Konoe Nanami
2.Nakazato Hikari
3.Tomosaka Suzuka
4.Isawa Tae
5.Ayukawa Misora
6.Taguchi Hiroko

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