Little Battlers Experience (17 CD)

Little Battlers Experience (ダンボール戦機 , Danbal Senki), is a series of action role-playing video games created by Level-5, involving small plastic model robots known as LBXs (standing for “Little Battler eXperience”;) that fight on dioramas made out of cardboard, with the main character setting out to battle against LBXs created by other characters.
In 2046, a revolutionary 80% shock-absorbing reinforced cardboard has been developed, rapidly transforming the world’s exports. The reinforced cardboard would soon become the battleground for a popular children’s hobby called “LBX” (Little Battler eXperience). Four years later, a boy named Yamano Ban who loves to play with LBX (although without a mecha himself) is given a case containing the model AX-00 by a mysterious woman. He is told that he now holds the hopes and despairs of mankind in his hands.

Danball Senki (2011 – 2012)
Opening Theme
#1: “1 Dream” by Little Blue boX (eps 1-24)
#2: “Ishin Denshin” (以心伝心) by Little Blue boX (eps 25-44)
Ending Theme
#1: “Boku no Chokinbako (僕の貯金箱)” by Hiroki Maekawa (eps 1-24)
#2: “Himitsu Kichi (ヒミツキチ)” by Hiroki Maekawa (前川紘毅) (eps 25-44)

Danball Senki W (2012 – 2013)
Opening Theme
#1: “BRAVE HERO” by Little Blue boX (eps 1-16)
#2: “Sanmi Ittai (三位一体)” by Little Blue boX (eps 17-34)
#3: “2 Spirits (2スピリッツ)” by Little Blue boX (eps 35-45)
#4: “Telepathy (テレパシー)” by Little Blue boX (eps 46-58)
Ending Theme
#1: “Do Wak Parappa (Do Wak パラッパ)” by Hiroki Maekawa (eps 1-16)
#2: “Me wo Tojite… (目を閉じて…) by Hiroki Maekawa (eps 17-34)
#3: “Umarekawattemo Boku de Iiyo (生まれ変わっても僕でいいよ)” by Hiroki Maekawa (eps 35-45)
#4: “Chikyuu no Kizuna (地球の絆)” by Dream5 (eps 46-57)

Danball Senki Wars (2013)
Opening Theme
#1: “Mugen Myself” by Little Blue boX (リトル・ブルー・ボックス)
#2: “ETERNAL (エターナル)” by Little Blue boX
Ending Theme
#1: “Kamisama Yayaya (神様 ヤーヤーヤー)” by Dream5 (eps 2-21)
#2: “Boku-tachi no wars (ぼくたちのウォーズ)” by Arata Sena (Ryota Ohsaka), Hikaru Hoshihara (Sayori Ishizuka), Haruki Izumo (Tomoaki Maeno) (eps 22-36)
#3: “Hirameki (閃き)” by Arata Sena (Ryota Ohsaka) (ep 37)[sociallocker]
[May 04, 2011] Little Blue boX – 1 Dream/Great Future War
[May 04, 2011] Hiroki Maekawa – Boku no Chokinbako
[Oct 05, 2011] Hiroki Maekawa – Himitsukichi
[Oct 05, 2011] Little Blue boX – Ishin Denshin
[Mar 07, 2012] Do Wak Parappa/Kimi Ga Daisuki De
[Mar 28, 2012] Little Blue boX – Brave Hero
[Jul 25, 2012] Little Blue boX – Sanmi Ittai
[Aug 08, 2012] Hiroki Maekawa – Me wo Tojite
[Oct 17, 2012] Danball Senki LBX Battle Soundtrack
[Nov 14, 2012] Little Blue boX – 2 Spirits / Legend
[Nov 14, 2012] Hiroki Maekawa – Umarekawattemo Boku De Iiyo / Tomodachi
[Jan 23, 2013] Telepathy / Chikyuu no Kizuna
[Mar 13, 2013] Danball Senki W LBX Battle Soundtrack
[Jul 03, 2013] Little Blue boX – Mugen Myself
[Aug 14, 2013] Dream5 – Kamisama Yayaya
[Oct 23, 2013] 「Little Blue boX – Eternal/Real Answer」
[Nov 13, 2013] Boku-tachi no wars / Hirameki
[Nov 20, 2013] Danball Senki Wars OST[/sociallocker]

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