Lost Universe


Lost Universe (ロスト・ユニバース) is a series of science fiction light novels, running from 1992 to 1999, by Japanese author Hajime Kanzaka. It was later adapted into a 26-episode anime television series that ran throughout the summer of 1998 on TV Tokyo during the same time slot that the anime adaptation of Kanzaka’s previous work, Slayers, ran. Kane Blueriver, a trouble contractor, is being hunted by a criminal syndicate named Nightmare because he pilots the Lost Ship Swordbreaker, the only hinderance to Nightmare’s plan to spread the dark lord Dark Star throughout the galaxy. Kane, along with Millie, a girl who dreams to be the “best in the universe,” and Canal, Swordbreaker’s AI, vows to defeat Nightmare, who, besides having a sinister plan, killed Kane’s grandmother many years ago.

[Apr 24, 1998] ~infinity~∞  / EXTRICATION
[Jul 03, 1998] Lost Universe TRACKS CONTENTS 1
[Sep 04, 1998] Lost Universe TRACKS CONTENTS 2
[Nov 06, 1998] Lost Universe TRACKS CONTENTS 3
[Jun 04, 1999] the BEST of LOST UNIVERSE [from TV]
[Jan 24, 2007] Lost Universe Image Song “Starting again”


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