Love Lab

Renai Lab // 恋愛ラボ
The setting is an all girl’s school Fujisaki Academy. Riko the main character is known throughout the school with her nickname “The Wild One”. After she walks into the student council room one day she witnesses Maki practicing kissing a pillow (with a boy drawn on it with marker). Maki gets really embarrassed, but after Riko promises not to tell anyone she calms down again. Maki ends up asking Riko for help getting a boyfriend because she mistakes Riko as someone “skilled at love” even though in reality Riko has never had a boyfriend either. So the story basically moves on from there and follows their “love researching”. While it’s not an amazing story it’s pulled off very well from the episodes that I’ve seen so far.

Bonus CD:
CD 1 – OP Theme: “Love Shitai!” by Fuji-Jo Seitokai Shikkou-Bu
CD 2 – ED Theme: “Best FriendS” by Fuji-Jo Seitokai Shikkou-Bu
CD 3 – OST 1
CD 4 – Drama CD Vol. 1
CD 5 – OST 2
CD 6 – Drama CD Vol. 2
CD 7 – OST 3

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