Loveless (ラブレス) is a fantasy manga by Yun Kōga. A 12-episode anime television series adaptation was made by J.C. Staff, broadcast in a post-midnight slot on TV Asahi and ABC from April 2005 to June 2005.  The most immediately noticeable aspect of the story is that many characters are kemonomimi—cat-like features (in this case, ears and tails) are universal from birth, so there are as many catboys, including the protagonist, as there are catgirls. People in the Loveless universe lose their animal features when they lose their virginity. Those who no longer have animal features are differentiated by society as “adults”.

In his first day at his new school, twelve-year-old Ritsuka Aoyagi meets a mysterious twenty-year-old male named Soubi Agatsuma. Soubi claims to be a good friend of Ritsuka’s brother, Seimei, who was murdered a few months earlier. Upon the inspection of Seimei’s abandoned computer files, Ritsuka discovers that an organization called ‘Seven Moons’ (Nana no tsuki 七の月) was responsible for Seimei’s death. As Ritsuka quickly discovers, Seimei and Soubi acted as a pair involved in spell battles invoked by carefully selected words. Now Soubi is Ritsuka’s ‘sentouki’, or Fighter Unit, and Ritsuka is his ‘Sacrifice’. Together, they challenge Seven Moons to find out the truth behind Seimei’s murder and the reason for Ritsuka’s amnesia, and form an intimate bond as they unravel the mystery. Until they find out that Seimei is still alive and that is were trouble begins.

Opening Theme: “Tsuki no Curse” by Okina Reika
Ending Theme: “Michiyuki” by Kaori Hikita
TV Animation Loveless Soundtrack

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