Lovely Complex

Love Com (ラブ★コン, sometimes spelled Love*Com), also known as Lovely Complex, is a romantic comedy shōjo manga by Aya Nakahara. The series is about the romance between a tall girl and a short boy who are treated as a comedy duo by their classmates. In 2004, it received the 49th Shogakukan Manga Award for shōjo.

The story is very unique, with many twists and turns.Even though it follows the same line as most romances, it steers off course into new territory. This is where the height differences come in, and the super cute girl gets a demonic aura. Not like most anime, right? And the dreamy boy she falls for is so dense, he thinks she was joking when she confesses, not at all like the usual. The enjoyment, it’ll make you laugh, and if you have a soft spot for sad romantic scenes, it might make you cry. (Just kidding, nothing so far.) Or it’ll make you cry for laughing too much.

Opening Theme:
#1: “Kimi + Boku = Love?” by Tegomass
#2: “Hey! Say!” by Hey!Say! 7
Ending Theme:
#1: “Kiss ~ Kaerimichi no Love Song” by Tegomass
#2: “BON BON” by Hey! Say! 7
Lovely Complex Original Soundtrack

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