Lupin the Third Dance & Drive Official Covers & Remixes


Lupin The Third DANCE & DRIVE official covers & remixes is a cover and remix album dedicated to the Lupin the Third series.
Released Aug 26, 2009
Catalog Number VPCG-84894

01 MONKEY MAJIK – “Lupin The Third <Lupin Sansei no Theme>” (<ルパン三世のテーマ>)
02 i-dep – “Lupin Sansei no Theme ’78 [2002 ver.] (i-dep’s samba 3rd mix)” (ルパン三世のテーマ’78【2002ver.】)
03 yuma – “Hijousen Toppa” (非常線突破)
04 COLDFEET – “Treasures of Time <Honoo no Takaramono>” (<炎のたからもの>)
05 World Sketch – “Love Squall feat. DOUBLE (World Sketch “Ocean” Remix)” (ラヴ・スコール)
06 autumn leave’s – “Funny Walk In Old Fashion”
07 World Sketch – “Lupin Sansei no Theme feat. Pete Mac, Jr. (World Sketch Remix)” (ルパン三世のテーマ)
08 arvin homa aya – “Love Is Everything”
09 PAX JAPONICA GROOVE – “Zantetsuken <Ishikawa Goemon no Theme>” (斬鉄剣<石川五ェ門のテーマ>)
10 ELMIO with Karin Maria Andersson – “LOVIN’YOU (LUCKY)”
11 quasimode – “Samba Tempura [2004 ver.] (quasimode Remix)” (サンバ・テンペラード【2004ver.】)
12 Kagami Seira x Sound Around – “Super Hero” (スーパー・ヒーロー)
13 Q;indivi – “Stolen Moments <Lupin Sansei Ai no Theme>” (<ルパン三世 愛のテーマ>)
14 Fantastic Plastic Machine – “Lupin Sansei no Theme ’78 (FPM EVERLUST MIX)” (ルパン三世のテーマ’78)

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