Little Witch Academia Original Soundtrack

リトルウィッチアカデミア オリジナルサウンドトラック
Enclosed with the blu-ray (TRG-10001) sold at C84.
Released: Aug 10, 2013

Track List:
01 Magic Show (M1)
02 Cafeteria (M2)
03 Flying Lesson (M3)
04 At the Dorm (M4A)
05 Minotaur (M4B)
06 Iron Maiden (M5)
07 Emerging Dragon (M6)
08 Here we go! (M7A)
09 Battle (M7B)
10 Chariot’s Theme (M7C)
11 Main Theme (M7D)
12 Title Roll (M8)
13 Title Roll (M8B)
File Size: 40 MB 【320kbps】
Last Modified: Apr 20, 2016

Composer: Michiru Oshima
Orchestra: Russian State Symphony Cinema Orchestra
Conductor: Sergei Skripka
Music Producer: Ryosuke Inagaki
Engineer: Alexander Volkov
Manager: Marina Dubovskova
Studio: Mosfilm Studio
Mastering Engineer: Denis Caribou
Assistant Engineer: Florent Berthier, Adrien Bolko
Studio: Studio Guillaume Tell
Coordinator: Wayô Records, Jonathan Khersis

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