MAHO GIRLS PRECURE! Original Soundtrack 2 Precure☆Magical♡Sound!!
魔法つかいプリキュア! オリジナル・サウンドトラック2 プリキュア☆マジカル♡サウンド!!
Mahoutsukai Precure! Original Soundtrack 2 Precure☆Magical♡Sound!!
Catalog Number MJSA-01200
Release Date Nov 23, 2016

Music: Hiroshi Takaki (except:Track02,29,30)
01 Felice Fun Fun Flowerle!
02 Dokkin♢Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! Part2 (TV Size)
03 The shadow that becomes wicked
04 Spreading blessings to lives far and wide!
05 Pretty Cure Emerald Reincarnation!
06 I’m Ha-chan!
07 Ha-chan is so lively
08 The first Magic Lesson
09 I may be curious but I’m still nervous
10 You might want to prepare yourself
11 Bursting with joy
12 Friendship is magical -Piano Solo-
13 Deusmast’s kin
14 The Donyokubaru appear
15 The sparkling Alexandrite
16 Pretty Cure Extreme Rainbow!
17 Admiration towards others
18 Exciting magic
19 Magic opens up the future -Short version-
20 The power that exceeds the legend
21 The shadow that becomes wicked -String version-
22 Never Ending Chaos
23 The desperate chase
24 The power of thoughts
25 Our magic
26 The pentagram of the sun
27 I wish you were here
28 Holding hands -Full version-
29 Magic à La Thanks! (TV Size)
30 Today will become a good~day! Part2
31 Miracle Magical Jewelryle! (Dia) – without chorus version –
32 Miracle Magical Jewelryle! (Ruby) – without chorus version –
33 Miracle Magical Jewelryle! (Sapphire) – without chorus version –
34 Miracle Magical Jewelryle! (Topaz) – without chorus version –
35 Felice Fun Fun Flowerle! – without chorus version –
36 Pretty Cure Extreme Rainbow! – without chorus version –


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