Mahouka Koukou no Reittousei


In a world where magic is not a fairy tale but has existed for one hundred years siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba prepare to begin their studies at the elite Private Magic University Affiliated High School (Magic High School for short). Entering on different levels of the academic spectrum the two turn the once peaceful campus into a chaotic one.

Opening 1: Rising Hope by LiSA
Opening 2: grilletto by GARNiDELiA

Ending 1: Millenario by Elisa
Ending 2: Mirror by Yasuda Rei

Original Soundtrack
Vol. 1
Vol. 2

Bonus CD
Vol.1 – Character Song: Shiba Miyuki
Vol.2 – Character Song: Chiba Erika
Vol.3 – Character Song: Shibata Miyuki
Vol.4 – Character Song: Saegusa Mayumi & Watanabe Mari
Vol.5 – Character Song: Mitsui Honoka
Vol.6 – Character Song: Kitayama Shizuku
Vol.7 – Character Song: Shiba Tatsuya & Shiba Miyuki + Original Soundtrack Extra
Vol.8 – Character Song: Nakajo Azusa & Ichihara Suzune
Vol.9 – Character Song: Mibu Sayaka
Vol.10 – Character Song: Shiba Miyuki & Saegusa Mayumi

[Jun. 14, 2017] SPEED STAR / GARNiDELiA

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