Marginal#4: Kiss kara Tsukuru Big Bang
English: MARGINAL #4 the Animation
Japanese: MARGINAL#4 KISSから創造るBig Bang

On February 13, as snow flurries dance in the air, a new idol unit is born at Pythagoras Production. They are the idols who will deliver their kiss to the ends of the galaxy: “Marginal #4.” Its members, Atom Kirihara, Rui Aiba, L Nomura, and R Nomura, put all their effort into their entertainment career for the sake of the fan supporting them! They continue to mature as idols along with the senior unit pulling the entertainment industry forward, Lagrange Point, and the younger unit preparing to make their debut, Unicorn Jr. But when they step off the stage, they’re ordinary high school boys with some chaotic student lives! This is the tale of Margninal #4, a school slice-of-life about idols that shine brighter than the stars.

Opening Theme
“WeMe!!!!” by Marginal #4
Ending Theme
#01: “Shinobu – Just A Heaven (忍-Just A 絶頂-)” by Marginal #4
#02: “Melty♥Love♥Cooking” by L Nomura (KENN) & R Nomura (Yuto Suzuki)
#03: “Revolution XX (革命XX)” by Lagrange Point
#04: “Mr. StarrySky” by Rui Aiba (Naozumi Takahashi)
#05: “REAL?” by UNICORN Jr.
#06: “Kokoro Hitotsu (コ・コ・ロ・ヒ・ト・ツ)” by L Nomura (KENN)
#07: “HOT★SCRAMBLE” by Atom Kirihara (Toshiki Masuda) & Rui Aiba (Naozumi Takahashi)
#08: “Colorful (カラフル)” by R Nomura (Yuto Suzuki)
#09: “Tamashii no Nonstop Lover (魂のノンストップラヴァー)” by Atom Kirihara (Toshiki Masuda)
#10: “Kizuna (絆-KIZUNA-)” by Marginal #4
#11: “Kiss kara Tsukuru Big Bang (KISSから創造るBig Bang)” by Pythagoras★All Star (ピタゴラス★オールスター: Marginal #4 & Lagrange Point & Unicorn Jr.)

[Jan 18, 2017] Marginal #4 – “WeMe!!!!”
[Feb 01, 2017] Shinobu – Just A Heaven / Melty♥Love♥Cooking
[February 15, 2017] Kakumei (Revolution) XX / Mr. StarrySky
[Mar 01, 2017]: 「REAL?/コ・コ・ロ・ヒ・ト・ツ」
[Mar 15, 2017]: HOT★SCRAMBLE / Colorful
[Mar 29, 2017] Tamashii no Nonstop Lover  / Kizuna
[Apr 05, 2017] Kiss kara Tsukuru Big Bang


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