Matoi the Sacred Slayer Drama CD 2

Matoi the Sacred Slayer Special Radio Drama CD “Oh My God ☆ Theater”
装神少女まとい スペシャル・ラジオ・ドラマCD「おーまいがー☆しあたー」
Soushin Shoujo Matoi Special Radio Drama CD “Oh My God ☆ Theater”
Matoi the Sacred Slayer Vol.2 Blu-ray Box Bonus CD
Catalog Number BCXA-1219
Release Date Apr 21, 2017

Matoi Sumeragi: Ayaka Suwa
Yuma Kusanagi: Naomi Ohzora

Format/QualityScan BKFile SizeLast ModifiedDownload Link
MP3/320kbpsNo149 MB11 Oct 2017google drive

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