Shounen Maid

Shounen Maid (少年メイド, lit. “Boy Maid”) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ototachibana. An anime television series adaptation will premiere in April 2016. Chihiro is left homeless with supposedly no relatives after his mom died. As he worries about what to do next, his uncle shows up and plans to take care of him…Or is it the other way around?

[May 11, 2016] Opening Theme: “innocent promise” by TRUSTRICK
[May 25, 2016] Ending Theme: “Zutto Only You (ずっとOnly You)” by Uchouten BOYS (有頂天BOYS: Natsuki Hanae, Taku Yashiro, & Kazutomi Yamamoto)
[Jun 22, 2016] Shonen Maid Music Collection
[July 06, 2016] Shonen Maid Character CD Hatarakazaru Mono Kuubekarazu!!

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