Mushibugyo (ムシブギョー ; Mushibugyou) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiroshi Fukuda. An anime television series adaptation premiered on April 8, 2013. In an alternate Feudal Era Japan, giant insects known as “Mushi” started appearing and attacking people 100 years before and since then they bring terror and death to the country. To counter the threat of the Mushi, the Shogunate establishes the City Patrol who acts under the Mushi Magistrate (Mushibugyō) to assemble warriors strong enough to fight them. The story follows Jinbei Tsukishima, a young and cheerful samurai who is the newest member of the City Patrol answering a summon to his father by the Magistrate, but as he is not able to fight anymore, Jinbei takes the burden of protecting Edo from the Mushi in his place.

[May 22, 2013] ED1: Ichizu / i☆Ris
[May 22, 2013] OP1: GaGaGa SP – Tomo yo
[Sep 04, 2013] ED2: Through All Eternity ~Enishi no Kizuna~
[Sep 04, 2013] OP2: Denshin ∞ Unchained / FREE蛇’M
[Feb 21, 2014] Mushibugyo Original Soundtrack
[Jul 26, 2013] Mushibugyo Vol. 1 Bonus CD (Drama CD 1)
[Oct 25, 2013] Mushibugyo Vol. 4 Bonus CD (Drama CD 2)
[Nov 15, 2013] Mushibugyo Character Song Mini Album Vol. 1
[Nov 15, 2013] Mushibugyo Character Song Mini Album Vol. 2
[Jun 24, 2014] Mushibugyo Vol. 7 Bonus CD (Drama CD 3)

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