Midori no Hibi

Midori Days (美鳥の日々) is a shōnen fantasy manga by Kazurou Inoue. The series is about a high school boy who one day finds his right hand replaced with a girl named Midori and his attempts to return her to her real body.
The series was adapted as a 13-episode anime series produced by Studio Pierrot. It aired in Japan between April and June 2004 on the anime television network Animax, who has also broadcast the series across its networks worldwide, including Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia and other regions.

The episodes of Midori no Hibi does nothing special; each episode features a new (mis)adventure in the now jumbled-up lives of Seji and Midori. Be it an otaku who thinks Seji is a doll maniac, a girl who really likes Seji or a trip to a hot spring, you’ll be taken through a lot of before-seen situations, and some new. The ending is cute and happy, and when you think about it, the only good ending an anime as Midori no Hibi could have. And while the unoriginal way in which the final episode is played out comes off as borderline facepalm-provoking, it was still an enjoyable watch, right up until the final scene. The quality of the animation is quite good for this kind of series. The whole story takes place in a city, and there’s frequent scenes on high places with scenic views of said city, which are usually animated quite well, from lights in the streets to the monorails criss-crossing the cityscape. Street views of the city and other close-ups such as furniture in rooms are usually beautiful and detailed, but the quality does deteriorate from time to time.

The strongest point however, is found in the gorgeous lighting and shading effects. They are eminently soft and relaxing, and especially during the dusk scenes do they come off as tremendous. The character designs are in an entirely different class however, as they are very varying in quality; often no more than mediocre yet often very good. A few close-ups looked like simple Flash animations, while at times they were detailed and fluid, both in design and movement. If you want a show that’s short and charming, Midori no Hibi is the show for you!

Opening Theme: “Sentimental” by CooRie
Ending Theme: “Mousukoshi… Mousukoshi” by Saori Atsumi
Insert Song:
episode #07: Chiisan na Tegami by CooRie
episode #08: Hitoshizuku by Kasugano Midori (CV: Nakahara Mai)
Midori’s Days Original Soundtrack: Midori no Melody

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