Midori no Hibi

Midori Days (美鳥の日々) is a shōnen fantasy manga by Kazurou Inoue. The series is about a high school boy who one day finds his right hand replaced with a girl named Midori and his attempts to return her to her real body.
The series was adapted as a 13-episode anime series produced by Studio Pierrot. It aired in Japan between April and June 2004 on the anime television network Animax, who has also broadcast the series across its networks worldwide, including Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia and other regions.

[Apr 21, 2004] Opening Theme: “Sentimental” by CooRie
[May 26, 2004] ED: “Mousukoshi… Mousukoshi” by Saori Atsumi
[Sep 29, 2004] Insert Song eps 7: Chiisan na Tegami by CooRie
[Jun 23, 2004] Midori’s Days Original Soundtrack: Midori no Melody
[Sep 29, 2004] Insert Song eps 7: Chiisan na Tegami by CooRie
[Nov 03, 2004] Insert Song eps 8: Hitoshizuku – Midori (CV: Nakahara Mai)

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