Minami-ke (みなみけ, lit. The Minami Family) is a Japanese manga series by Koharu Sakuraba. An anime series produced by Daume aired in 2007. Asread produced a second season in 2008 titled Minami-ke: Okawari, a third season in 2009 titled Minami-ke: Okaeri, and an original video animation (OVA) episode in 2009 titled Minami-ke: Betsubara. In 2012, Feel produced another OVA titled Minami-ke: Omatase, followed by a fourth anime series in 2013 titled Minami-ke: Tadaima. A slice of life comedy about the day to day life of the Minami family, sisters Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki; and their friends and classmates. The three sisters live alone.

Opening Theme:
“Keikenchi Joshochu☆” (Exp. 6Rising) by Minami-ke [Single]
Opening Theme: Okawari
“Kokoro no Tsubasa” by Minami-ke [Download]
Opening Theme: Okaeri
“Keikenchi Soku Joujou↑↑” by Minami-ke [Download]
Opening Theme: Betsubara
“Shunka Shuutou Festival” by Minami-ke [Download]
Opening Theme: Tadaima
“Shiawase☆High Tension↑↑” by Minami-ke [Single]
Ending Theme:
“Colorful DAYS” by Minami-ke [Download]
Ending Theme: Okawari
“Sono Koe ga Kiki Takute” by Minami-ke [Download]
Ending Theme: Okaeri
“Zettai Colorful Sengen” by Minami-ke [Download]
Ending Theme: Betsubara
“Arigatou Thank You” by Minami-ke [Download]
Ending Theme: Tadaima
“KYUUSEKKIN LUCKY DAYS” by Minami-ke [Single]
Blu-ray Box Bonus CD Soundtrack & Mini Drama [Download]
Minami-ke Tadaima Character song Album: Minami-ke no Mina Uta 《Album》
Minamike Tadaima Bonus CD:
CD 1 // CD 2 // CD 3 // CD 4

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