Minihams no Ai no Uta

“Minihams no Ai no Uta” (ミニハムずの愛の唄, lit. Minihams’ Love Song) is the third single of the Morning Musume subgroup Minimoni. It was released on December 5, 2001 and sold 325,440 copies, reaching number three on the Oricon Charts. The group released this under the alias “Minihams” (ミニハムず Minihamuzu) for a motion picture version of the popular anime Hamtaro. In the film they appear as hamster caricatures of themselves. The A-side was used as the theme song for the first Hamtaro movie “Hamhamland Daibouken.”
Catalog Number EPCE-5132

1 MINIHAMUzu no ai no uta
2 MINIHAMUzu~n taka tatta!

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