Miracle Train

Miracle Train: Oedo-sen e Youkoso (ミラクル☆トレイン~大江戸線へようこそ~,Miracle Train: Welcome to the Oedo Line?) is a Japanese anime series directed by Kenichi Kasai and with original illustrations by Tomohisa Kai while Aki Tsunaki adapted the designs to illustrations. The series was produced by Yumeta Company with additional production through Aniplex, Dax Production, and TV Tokyo. The series was meant to introduce some of the facts and general knowledge about the train stations on Oedo Line and ran for thirteen episodes between October 4, 2009 until December 27, 2009.

The beginning episodes are a tad bit boring because you have to begin with introducing each and every character [in this cause train stations] and each station goes about teaching the viewers history about Japan’s Oedo Line. Quite interesting, but quite confusing to someone who doesn’t know much about the Japanese Culture. I will admit I learned A LOT, and googled a lot of the information given to me. I guess this would help out anyone who wants to learn more about the train stations and cities on the Oedo Line, and their unique culture for each stop. Each charatcer was unique and was intresting to see how they would handle the passengers. The last episodes that take place during christmas time are the most enjoyable. The last episode, I thought, could have been better. Or atleast have one more to wrap up. Over all it was a good one to watch.[sociallocker]

Opening Theme: “montage” by Kenn, Ryotaro Okiayu, Yuki Kaji, & Masakazu Morita [Single, w/ scanS]
Ending Theme: “STORIES” by Shuhei Kita
Miracle Train Characters Song
Character Song Vol.1 Roppongi Fumi (KENN)
Character Song Vol.2 Saki Tocho (Tomokazu Sugita)
Character Song Vol.3 Shinjuku Rintaro (Okiayu Ryotaro)
Character Song Vol.4 Izayoi Tsukishima (Daisuke Ono)
Character Song Vol.5 Iku Shiodome (Yuki Kaji)
Character Song Vol.6 Itsumi Ryogoku (Morita Masakazu)
Miracle Train Original Soundtrack[/sociallocker]

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