Mirai Nikki Inspired Album Vol.1

Description: Mirai Nikki Inspired Album Vol.1 – Ingaritsu Noise
TVアニメ『未来日記』イメージソング 未来日記インスパイアード
アルバム Vol.1 〜因果律ノイズ〜
Released: Nov 23, 2011
Catalog No. LACA-15167

Track List:
01. Kuso Mesorogi (TV Size) by Yosei Teikoku
02. EGOIST by Das Feenreich
03. reject me by Oldcodex
04. RED love by Faylan
05. Happy Fate by Choucho
06. Manemigoto by Uryu Minene (CV: Aizawa Mai)
07. perfect trap by Annabel
08. Never End by Yuki
09. Ubiquitous by Nirgilis
10. Kimi Ga Kimi No Jinsei No Shuyaku Dakara Mune Wo Hatte Aruke by Amano Yukiteru (CV: Togashi Misuzu)
11. THIRD/Antares Cr302 by Hata Aki
12. Blood teller (TV Size) by Faylan

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