Mirai Nikki SOUND TRACK CD Vol. 3

Mirai Nikki Blu-ray Vol.3 SOUND TRACK CD
未来日記 Blu-ray限定版 第3巻 サウンドトラックCD
Future Diary Blu-ray Vol.3 Soundtrack CD
Catalog Number KAXA-3803CD
Release Date Feb 24, 2012

Composed by Tatsuya Kato
01 Prank Game Music 1:46
02 Battle Game Music 1:51
03 Crazy Crazy 2:18
04 Hide and Seek 2:05
05 Upper Class Speed Game 1:44
06 Ultimate Love Conceives Madness 2:15
07 The Mental Door Has Been Opened ~more~ 2:00
08 “Ouch” of Morbid Interchange 1:49
09 Family’s Kindness, Mother’s Warmth 1:56
10 Observing Detective




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