Miss Monochrome -The Animation- White Edition Bonus CD

Enclosed with Miss Monochrome -The Animation- White Edition.
Miss Monochrome -The Animation- White Edition Bonus CD
ミス・モノクローム-The Animation- 白版 特典CD
Original Sound Track by Shigenobu Okawa
Catalog Number KIZX-144
Release Date Mar 26, 2014

01 Everyday heartwarming 1:54
02 Start the day 1:34
03 Convenience store 1:42
04 Work of idle 1:31
05 Way back 2:04
06 Abscond 1:38
07 Determination 1:44
08 Endless Seventeen (Insert Song)
Performer: KIKUKO (CV: Kikuko Inoue)
Composer: bugbear
Arranger: Hiromitsu Kawashima
Lyricist: Natsumi Tadano
File Size: 39 MB (320kbps)


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