Momo Kyun Sword

Momo Kyun Sword (モモキュンソード ) is a Japanese light novel series by Kibidango Project, based on the Japanese folklore hero Momotarō. An anime television series adaptation by Tri-Slash and Project No.9 began airing between July and September 2014. Momoko is a beautiful young sword fighter who was born inside a peach (momo in Japanese). She lives with her constant companions—the dog god Inugami, the monkey god Sarugami, and the pheasant god Kijigami—in a peaceful paradise. However, a demon army led by devil king invades the paradise and steals the precious treasure that protects Momoko’s land. To retrieve the treasure and save the people, Momoko embarks on a great adventure with her three companions.

[Jul 23, 2014] Haruka Chisuga – Momoiro Fantasy
[Aug 20, 2014] Ready Go!! -Zettai Muteki no Tennyotai-
[Oct 01, 2014] Momokyun Sword Vocal Album “Momouta Daizenshuu!”

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