Monkey Typhoon


Monkey Typhoon (アソボット戦記五九 Asobotto Senki Goku, literally “Asobot Military History Goku”) is a Japanese manga written by Tadashi Agi and illustrated by Romu Aoi. It was later adapted into an anime series produced by the Avex group and anime studio Studio Egg, which premiered between October 1, 2002 and September 30, 2003 on TV Tokyo.

Four years into the future, the world has lost its balance…
10 thousand metres of vast woodland is gone, preventing humans to live and leaving a desert to spread endlessly. And so, they head into the world of Meshichi, to live together with the Anbots.
As if guided by fate, Sanzou and Gokyuu meet. Traveling together, Sanzou – a young man shrouded in mystery, Gokyuu – the strongest and worst Anbot around, Tongoh – an Anbot fond of drinking, Jou – someone who is great with machines, Suuji – a female Anbot thief, and last but not least, Mioto. And so, their journey begins to the boundless East, to the land where the sun was born!

[Nov 20, 2002] ED#1: “iWAKE YOUR LOVE!” by move
[Dec 11, 2002] OP#1: “BESIDE YOU~Boku wo Yobu Koe~” by BoA
[Jan 16, 2003] ED#2: “Kasumi Yuku Sora Se ni Shite” by Janne da Arc
[Mar 26, 2003] Ongaku Senki ~Asobot Senki Goku (OST)
[Jun 25, 2003] ED#3: “BURNING DANCE” by move
[Jun 25, 2003] BURNING DANCE~and other Japanimation songs~
[Aug 27, 2003] ED#4: “LolitA☆Strawberry in summer” by SweetS
[Sep 10, 2003] OP#2: “Wo Ai Ni” by dream

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