Monster Rancher

Monster Farm: Enbanseki no Himitsu // モンスターファーム
Genki is a boy who loves playing video games. One day he’s zapped into the world of Monster Rancher and meets the girl Holly and the monsters Mochi, Suezo, Golem, Tiger and Hare. Together, they are searching for a way to revive the Phoenix, which is the only monster capable of stopping the evil Moo. Cute and clear but nothing great, appealing to the eye animation but without any artistic value. All character figures and objects don’t have much detail on them, the colors are vivid and generally bright, with too much lightning / shadowing antithesis. The monsters are as weird looking as most Digimons are. You know; an animal or object with a weird trinket to make it look bizarre. I must say, some of them look too spooky or ugly, even for kiddie standarts and thus I find them less appealing to the eye that their counterparts. Special effects such as energy beams and explosions are also too simple to the point they become boring to keep watching. The world is also rather empty and full of ruins so you are not made to think it is bursting with life or anything.

Opening Theme
#1: “Kaze ga Soyogu Basho” by Miho Komatsu
#2: “Picnic” by Rumania Montevideo
#3: “Close to Your Heart” by Rina Aiuchi
#4: “Name” by Takashi Utsunomiya
#5: “FLUSH” by Takashi Utsunomiya
Ending Theme
#1: “Flame of Love” by Sweet Velvet
#2: “Digital Musical Power” by Rumania Montevideo
#3: “Wonderin’ Hands” by 4D-JAM
#4: “Tada Sugiyuku Tameni ~Only for Sake the Passing~”
#5: “Be Truth” by Takashi Utsunomiya

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