Mr.Children – Reflection

REFLECTION is the 18th studio album released by Mr.Children. It was released in three versions: a limited CD+Documentary DVD {Naked} edition that contains a USB (320kbps) and high resolution (96kHz/24bit WAV) digital audio of the album, an 80-page photo book, a 48-page linear note, plus a QR code enabling access to demo tracks, and a limited CD+Documentary DVD {Drip} edition, and a regular CD only {Drip} edition.
Release Date: 2015.06.04

{Naked} Tracklist:
01 fantasy
03 Shayou (斜陽; Sunset)
04 Melody
05 Kumo no Ito (蜘蛛の糸; Spider Web)
06 I Can Make It
07 ROLLIN’ROLLING~Ikken wa Hyakubun ni Shikazu (一見は百聞に如かず; Seeing is Believing)
08 Hanatareru (放たれる; Emergent)
09 Machi no Fuukei (街の風景; Town Landscape)
10 Unmei (運命; Fate)
11 Ashioto ~Be Strong (足音)
12 Wasureenu Hito (忘れ得ぬ人; Unforgettable Person)
13 You make me happy
14 Jewelry
15 REM
17 Shikaron (進化論; Theory of Evolution)
18 Genchou (幻聴; Auditory Illusion)
19 Reflection
20 Tooku e to (遠くへと; To Somewhere Faraway)
21 I wanna be there
22 Starting Over (Bakemono no Ko ED theme)
23 Mikan (未完; Unfinished)
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