Murder Princess

Murder Princess (マーダー·プリンセス) is a manga by Sekihiko Inui. An OVA series was later produced by Marvelous Entertainment and Bee Train based on the manga. The story begins with Dr. Akamashi, introduced as a scientist formerly in the employ of the government, launching a coup d’état in the Forland Kingdom. With his dying breath, the mortally wounded king sends his daughter Alita to find Prince Kaito, who is leading a diplomatic mission and its military escort abroad. She flees from the castle and reaches a forest on the country’s border.

While running, the princess falls off of a cliff and onto Falis, an infamous female bounty hunter. Due to the nature of the near-death experience (referred to as a spiritual commutation, or spiritual transmigration in the Anime dub) the souls of Alita and Falis are switched. After Falis dispatches the forest’s guardian beast, Alita pleads with the bounty hunter to protect the Forland kingdom, offering herself, body and soul, as collateral. Falis agrees and acts as the princess of the Forland Kingdom with her bounty hunter friends.

Opening Theme:
1. “Hikari Sasuhou” by BACK-ON
2. “Hikari Sasuhou (FK Metal ver.)” by BACK-ON
Ending Theme:
“Naked Flower” by Romi Park

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